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The .450 Bushmaster has a SAAMI Mean Average Pressure (MAP) of 38,500 psi. Its a very useful tool for me and I now phased out my 308s and just use my 450 for everything now. 444 Marlin VS 450 Bushmaster Which is Better. We would not mention this but for the fact that another shooter across the country reported to us he felt the exact same thing on two different Marlins. Marlin 1895M .450 Marlin, $560. The case should come out every time, no matter how the lever is operated. Ours didnt. So when it comes to the .350 Legend vs .450 Bushmaster, is there any discernable advantage of hunting one or the other? That gives it an overall length of about 2.25 inches, so the length is close to the 450. We assume a clump of grease or a small burr slowed down the firing pin just enough to prevent firing. Many lever guns have limited accuracy past 150 yards, but the .450 BM is able to perform within MOA all the way to 200 and beyond. While the .450 Marlin can be used in bolt action rifles, it is most commonly found in lever action rifles. The .45-70 is far more versatile, and ammo is made by many companies. And the .450 marlin used in its capacity for large game is exceptional. bullets weighing 250 gr. And, outside a flash hider on an AR, dont usually come with a muzzle device standard. It also told us that the brake did a lot of good, even though it was noisy. As soon as the cartridge's proprietary status was lifted we ordered a reamer and started building barrels. While there are hundreds of rifle cartridges suitable for deer hunting, when we add that straight-walled factor into the equation the list grows much shorter. The decision may now be influenced by availability of both rifles and ammunition, with the breakup of the parent company which owned Marlin (thankfully Marlin has been purchased by Ruger). I use a 450 bushmaster ar-15 as my big bore brush gun for my up close and personal bear hunting and coming across a deer 25 yards away through the bushes. The front sight was a gold-faced bead on a ramp underneath a protective hood. So I switched to the 450 bm and never regretted it and it comes with me everywhere. (Well cover the .35 Remington or .356 Winchester another day.) The pores were well filled, though the finish material seemed a bit softer than that of the Marlins. In fact, with hot Buffalo Bore loads, the performance of the .444 Marlin would be ballistically better than ordinary loads in the .45-70 Guide Gun. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the. Use: Defense. At 300 yards, the .450 Marlin is still in the lead with another 404 ft-lbs of energy over the .450 Bushmaster. Published Jun 15, 2021 9:00 AM EDT, We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. However, some shooters like the extra margin of safety, and its there if desired. Thats the exact opposite of whats in vogue with modern rifle cartridges today. The .450 Bushmaster is a rifle cartridge developed by Tim LeGendre of LeMag Firearms, and licensed to Bushmaster Firearms International. The long belt certainly does not add strength, no matter what you might have read elsewhere. Fastest cartridge of these options. The Marlins, Winchester, Brownings and Henrys all handle those big-bore cartridges well, and among them the .444 Marlin and .45-70 Government are a pair of undeniable classics. Model: Bushmaster 450 Bullet Size: 250 grains Bullet Diameter: .452 inches Shell Case Length: 1.7 inches Energy (per 200 yards): 1,274 foot-pounds Velocity (per 200 yards): 1,515 feet per second Muzzle Energy: 2,686 foot-pounds Muzzle Velocity: 2,200 feet per second CLICK FOR BEST PRICE 45-70 Brand: U.S. Army's Springfield Armory boar dead in his tracks erffortlessly. Wed like to see Marlin spend its efforts making great rifles perfectly, rather than expending energy on useless new projects like the .450 Marlin. The big difference here is the bullet diameter. Based on the function of the gun we had, we would have to say Dont Buy the 444P. Mag..243 Winchester vs. 6mm Remington7x57mm Mauser vs. 7mm-08 Remington.25-06 Remington vs. .257 Weatherby Magnum.338 Winchester vs. .375 H&H Magnum.30-30 Winchester vs. .35 Remington.257 Roberts vs. .250-3000 Savage.270 Winchester vs. .280 Remington.35 Whelen vs. 9.3x62mm Mauser.416 Rigby vs. .416 Remington Magnum.308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield.22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie.300 Win. First, the 45-70 Government is physically larger than the 450 Bushmaster. But the .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend are chambered in very similar rifles, some from the same line with minuscule differences. Few rifle calibers carry as much tradition as the .444 Marlin, which originally hit the scene as a way to give lever-action rifles more of a punch around the ammunition manufacturers stopped commercially producing .45-70-caliber rifles in the 1960s. The data in both cases are from a 20-inch barrel, which is somewhat common in the field and is the standard test length utilized by most ammunition companies. Thats alright. Check out the ballistics chart below for more information. For our very first shots with the .444 Marlin, we loaded two rounds. At 100 yards, the .450 Marlin is moving 52 ft/s faster. The company unveiled the new round at the 2019 SHOT show and currently offers it in Deer Season XP, Power Max Bonded, and many others. This straddled the bolt, but was much too far forward for proper use by our test personnel. Utilizing a lighter bullet with a smaller powder charge, it can generally be said it produces less recoil. Again, there isnt a bright clear advantage when it comes to rifles chambered for cartridges. The Winchester 150-grain Deer Season XP generates 8.52 foot-pounds of recoil in a 7-pound rifle. While we applaud Marlin for adapting the lever-rifle concept to belted cases (this is probably not the first instance of this, but we cant think of another), we reloaders dont appreciate the fact that we have only one source of brass for our new rifle. What about the need for an idiot-proof cartridge in the first place? Cookie Policy - The parent case is a modified 284 Winchester, it's simply cut to 1.695 and also utilizes a small rifle primer. Then somebody figured out that straight-walled rifle cartridges are just as safe as slugs. Buffalo Bore also loads three different weights of bullets in the .444 Marlin, and they give much better performance than ordinary .444 loads, and do so safely. More power to them. How can a bit of brass added to a cartridge case make up for the exact same amount of steel removed from the chamber that holds it? Since its inception in 1964, however, many hunters . On the other hand, the Legend is available with thinner sporter contour barrels. The .450 Marlins additional energy will allow you to take larger game out to 200 yards, while the .450 Bushmaster should be used only for medium game at this distance. If there is an apparent divide in .450 Bushmaster vs .350 Legend rifles its muzzle devices and barrel contour. The .444 felt noticeably smoother in its action than the .450. Still, we liked the lively feel of the 94AE. (444 Marlin) 397117 45 Cal .452" 200 gr. Copyright 2000-2023 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. With a 150-yard zero, the Hornady ammo is 1.54 inches high at 100 yards, 4.68 inches low at 200 yards and 8.49 inches low at 250 yards. In terms of maximum point-blank range, its only a 16-yard difference on a 14-inch target (roughly the size of a small deers vital zone). Heres a detailed look at each step of the process. RENE reports 6 different versions of the American Rifle in 450 Bushmaster and now the GSR makes 7. Top Load: Buffalo Bore Heavy Bullet Weight: 220 grains Muzzle Velocity: 2,200 fps Muzzle Energy: 2,364 ft/lbs Almost forgotten, the .35 Remington is a favorite of hunters who chase black bears with. While .308 can reach out accurately to 1,200 yards (if you're pretty good), 450 . CVA Inc Scout TD .450 Bushmaster Single Shot Rifle w/ Stainless Barrel $429.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: CVA Inc; Item Number: CR4830S Like the Marlins, the Winchester had a cross-bolt safety but the owner had locked it out so the rifle would fire every time the hammer fell. It in no way increases the amount you pay and helps us stay in business. We fired one, and the second jammed coming out of the tubular magazine. All of it is excellent ammunition, and it is packaged in clearly marked boxes as to what it is, and in which rifles it can be safely used. The rear buckhorn blade did a grand job of obscuring everything on both sides of the target, and shooters would be much better served with a flat-top rear sight, or an aperture. Velocity Tests and more! A hard rubber buttpad doesnt help the shooter, it hinders him from getting the most out of the rifle. Brands include Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, Remington, Silver State Armory, Nammo, Prvi Partizan, Winchester and mixed range fired.. Winchester Model 94AE Big Bore Our recommendation: We liked the Winchester .444 Marlin. In days past these included the .348, various wildcats on that theme like the .450 Alaskan, the .45-70, and numerous blackpowder-era cartridges modernized with smokeless powder. The overall length on the .450 Marlin is also just a bit longer, at 2.55" compared to 2.26" on the Bushmaster. But this problem never happened again. It is on the wane and has long ago been supplanted by the resurgent 45-70. On the other hand, performance-wise, the dividing line is thin enough so it's difficult to tip fence-sitters one way or another. Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun. With a 150-yard zero, the Winchester 160-grain Power Max factory load is 1.92 inches high at 100 yards, 5.05 inches low at 200 yards, and 13.92 inches low at 250 yards. I know at least one has built a prototype, and I am told its working well. Commercial cartridges are available for both rounds. New Shooters Guide: You Have Your Concealed Carry Permit Should You Carry. The .450 Marlin was designed as a competitor to the .45-70 Government, so its ballistics are highly similar. Copyright 2023 National Rifle Association, Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. 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If youre looking to shoot much outside of 200 yards, youre looking at the wrong calibers. These are lightweight rifles that are easy to handle and very fast to get a shot off, which can make them ideal for treks across the backcountry. Ballistically, the .450 Bushmaster is close to the .45/70 in terms of velocity . While it does not have the power of the .450 Marlin, the .444 Marlin is very similar ballistically to the .45-70, . A behemoth by any standard, the large-bore rifle cartridge has been the go-to for many if not most hunters around the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Erie up to this point. That said, I have both in rifles. 450 Bushmaster can be found on the shelves at most large outfitters but don't expect to . Ever perceptive, the market has responded by expanding this somewhat forgotten corner of the firearms world. Save. At the muzzle they are basically the same, .308 Win has around 2700 ft.lbf and 450 Bushmaster has just a few pounds under that. Will it put a deer down faster. The weight of the present version was about as light as wed like to see a .444 rifle. The .444 Marlin is on par with the 45 Bushmaster at around 2300 ft/s for a 250 grain bullet, but is easily outdone by the 45 Raptor For either cartridge reloading is the route to go if you're able. So whats best, 450 Bushmaster Vs 350 Legend. And truly, it is a pleasurable cartridge, very much akin to the .30-30, which by almost anyones standard is extremely manageable. The round didnt go off. Newly Accepted Cartridge and Chamber Designs. from a 20" barrel for 2,686 ft.-lbs. Probably. For reference, a 3" 20 gauge load rattles your cage at 30 ftlbs. Certainly, some pride themselves in how much recoil they can endure. Re: 450 bushmaster vs 444 marlin. 1s, new Winchester 1886s, and the like. Elsewhere, we noticed an anomaly between the two Marlins. Disclaimer: Sportsman's Warehouse assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions of the information on this page. and .444 Marlin provide enough accuracy (and their bullets retain enough energy) to confidently reach out across a cut cornfield and make a 200-yard shot. Rifle type is the major difference between the .450 Marlin and the .450 Bushmaster. Depending on the weight of the gun, recoil for the 450 varies between 15 and 20 ftlbs. Windage adjustments, though not needed, were done by drifting. Its therefore important to keep in mind that we are comparing a 325 grain .450 Marlin against a 250 grain .450 Bushmaster--which are the commonly used bullet weights for each caliber. I disagree. Back to the wood. However, the .444 owner can reload using many pistol bullets available for the .44 Magnum or .44 Special handguns, and that might be a factor in favor of the .444 over the .45-70 with its 0.458-inch bore size. Winchester, Hornady, Remington, and maybe a few others offer ammo, but the market is evolving so fast its tough to keep up. Heavier bullets are available; they can run as heavy as 335 grains, though the 265- and 280-grain remain the most popular. Marlin .450 Model 1895M Our recommendation: Dont Buy the $560 Marlin .450 Model 1895M. A small point perhaps, but the action bottom at the balance point was squared on the Winchester, but nicely rounded on the Marlins, and that made the Marlin easier to carry. Both of these big bore cartridges are meant for a specific purpose: to bring down large game at very close ranges. The .450 Bushmaster cartridge was developed using a modified .284 Winchester case with a rebated rim. 450 Bushmaster 500 S&W Magnum 6.5 Creedmoor . The .45-70 was developed for the army to be used in the trapdoor Springfield rifle. It drives a 350-grain bullet at 2,200 fps, about 150 fps faster than Buffalo Bores loads for that bullet weight in the .45-70. Marlins inletting has been quite good in all examples of the companys rifles weve seen. We could live with it, though wed have much preferred a softer pad. We measured the .450 Marlins velocity at 2,045 fps with the 350-grain Hornady Flat-Point Interlock bullet. 1 and Winchester's 1885. . For that matter, is there a need for the .444 in any gun version, even though they cost $550 MSRP and have a low street price around $400? The Marlins were much fatter than the 94AE. However, it does make a small improvement over the .45-70 Government that may be appealing to some shooters. Yes, the .444 Marlin is A GOOD CHOICE for grizzly or brown bear hunting, under average conditions, from a mid-range distance, with a medium grain expanding . At 100 yards, that advantage is holding strong with the .450 Marlin showing an additional 701 ft-lbs of energy. Right now, hunters can find the .350 Legend chambered in semi-auto AR-type rifles and bolt guns. In essence the rimmed .444 Marlin is an elongated .44 Magnum (the case length is 2.225 inches, with an overall length of 2.550 inches), as it uses the same .429-inch diameter bullets as the classic revolver cartridge, albeit at a much higher velocity. One would think that would have to play in to your decision making. The straight-hand stock had a sling swivel stud in the butt, and another on the steel that attached the wood forend. I was torn between a lever action 45-70 and a 450 bushmaster ar-15. Heres how they compare to each other. Why, you ask, would a company do this? The second shot told us that something was drastically wrong somewhere. .350 Legend Vs .450 Bushmaster: Does One Win Out For Hunting? Velocity (200 yards): 1,515 feet per second. Of all the ammo available, the highest muzzle energy of the Socom is 2380 ft/lbs of energy. And when it comes to straight-wall Midwestern deer options that would be the .450 Bushmaster. This cartridge has the potential to be the best deer hunting ammo of the lot. The .444 Marlin has the advantage of using the jacketed and cast bullets for the .44 Magnum, making it a rather flexible design for the handloader. Learn more . A heavier bullet will generally travel more slowly than a lighter bullet. The case can also be handloaded to impressive figures in a suitable rifle, and there are some excellent bullets like the Swift A-Frame which will further enhance the performance of this old design, yet the classic cast-lead bullets at low velocities are still fun to shoot. One would think that would have to play in to your decision making. I wouldn't fret over performance or availability in either case. BALLISTICS: Some straight-wall loads produce muzzle velocities of 2,200 to 2,400 fps, a . This cartridge is useless, and it may have caused a host of ejection problems in our test gun. Though certainly designed for black powder, the .45-70 Government survived the transition to smokeless powder, though the chosen firearm will certainly dictate the pressure levels to which the cartridge can be loaded. Cartridges like the .450 Bushmaster, .45-70 Govt. These comments also apply directly to the .450 Bushmaster 250 grain FTX load. It drops a bear at 100 yards like no ones business if you catch it from your tree stand and it puts deer on the ground fast too. There is a difference between the two, and the edge goes to the .350 Legend, but it doesnt have such an overwhelming advantage to say its hands-down better. With the hammer block there is the possibility of forgetting to press the little button before the shot, and thus losing the shot at the game animal. Photo Gallery See all Photos I must report that right out of the box the Outfitter G2's hammer was hard to cock, and it was very gritty and rough.